Sophie Zaccardo

l'Escale High School - 2008 Serge Payer Foundation Recipient

 My name is Sophie (Parisien) Zaccardo and I received the Serge Payer Scholarship in 2008. I was able to use this generous bursary to help pay for my post-secondary studies at the University of Ottawa, where I completed two bachelor’s degrees in order to pursue a career as a teacher. I have taught in elementary and (my old) high school from 2014 – 2020, which I loved.  Staying within the realm of education, I have recently started working for the Canada School of Public Service. I live in the tiny but lovely community of Wendover, Ontario with my husband Luigi, my high school sweetheart of 15 years, and our two daughters Théa, 5, and Livie 2.


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