Melanie Lescort

l'Escale High School - 2005 Serge Payer Foundation Recipient

Since graduating high school, I attended the University of Ottawa where I pursued a specialized bachelor's degree and a Teacher’s B.Ed., followed by a master’s degree in History and a Ph.D. in French literature. Having always had a great passion for learning, I began teaching French/literacy at a franco-ontarian high school during my studies and contractually at La Cité collégiale. I gave back to the school community namely by coaching volleyball, which - as a player myself - I enjoyed very much. Later on, I accepted secondments as a “teaching coach/consultant” at Le Centre franco and as an Educational Officer at the Ministry of Education. I currently work as a vice principal and have been blessed with a great husband and the birth of an amazing little girl.


The Serge Payer foundation grant (2005) helped in many ways. Not only did it provide financial support, but symbolically it meant a lot to me. It rewarded dedication, academic excellence as well as extra-curricular (soccer, volleyball and track and field) and community involvement. To this day, I remember how proud and grateful I felt receiving it.


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