Kalie McKenna

RDHS High School - 2005 Serge Payer Foundation Recipient

The Serge Payer Scholarship allowed me to focus my time and attention on both my academic and athletic pursuits while completing my Bachelor of Sport Management with Honours at Brock University. This supported me in graduating top in my faculty,  winning the 2006 Women's Ontario University Athletic Association Curling championships and competing in my first Canadian Championship. My professional career has since provided me with opportunities to travel and explore our great country. I had the opportunity to live in Yellowknife, understand new sports and develop a passion for helping people become the best they can be.  I have since relocated back to the Ottawa area and am happily married with two children. Through my work with not-for-profit sport and more recently with youth and volunteers with Scouts Canada, I continue to dedicate my time both professionally and as a volunteer to ensuring people have the opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams.


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