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Florida Jr. Panthers U8A Player Challenge Fundraiser
Created by: Florida Jr. Panthers U8A

$ 2,207.00
Goal$ 5,000.00

Introducing the Florida Jr. Panthers U8A Hockey Challenge Fundraiser!

The concept is simple yet very exciting: it's a commitment based on laps per dollar. You get to decide how many 400 meter laps you want your "athlete" to run on Saturday January 20th, 2024, and that will determine the amount you contribute to our cause. Not only is this a fantastic way to support our team, but additional motivation for the athletes to run for someone in need.

We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to make a difference - together with us as a team, have a blast on the track, and, most importantly, make a meaningful impact in the life of a needed family. It's a chance for our young athletes to actively participate in raising funds that directly benefit someone where these young athletes can see first hand how their efforts contributed to their fundraiser. Help inspire them make a difference and positively SERVE and IMPACT LIVES

We believe this fundraiser will not only help us achieve our fundraising goals but also foster a sense of camaraderie among our players and their families. Your support is invaluable, and together, we can ensure that the Florida Jr. Panthers U8A to continue to thrive and succeed.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to assist in any way we can.

Thank you for being an integral part of our hockey family. Let's make a splash, have fun, and raise the funds to primarily GIVE back, SERVE and IMPACT LIVES.




1KM (2.5 LAPS)    = Donate $10.00 USD
2KM (5 LAPS)       = Donate $20.00 USD
3KM (7.5 LAPS)    = Donate $30.00 USD
4KM (10 LAPS)     = Donate $40.00 USD
5KM (12.5 LAPS)  = Donate $50.00 USD
10KM (25 LAPS)   = Donate $100.00 USD (Select Other to increase your amount)

Gendron, Roch$ 104.0001/22/202492 dPayer, DANIEL$ 52.0001/21/202492 dMetze, Irena$ 20.8001/21/202492 dSitzberger, Elke$ 20.8001/21/202492 dCozza, Matthew$ 260.0001/21/202492 dBlazejewski, Chantal$ 20.8001/20/202493 dPEEKE, TREVOR$ 20.8001/20/202493 dZaitseva, Darya$ 52.0001/20/202493 dKapustin, Marina$ 104.0001/20/202493 dMawardi, Tiffany$ 104.0001/19/202494 dJames, David$ 52.0001/19/202494 dOrtega, Stephanie$ 52.0001/19/202494 dBaumgartner, Manfred$ 20.8001/19/202494 dPayer, Serge$ 676.0001/19/202494 dBolduc, Julie$ 52.0001/18/202495 dParis, Yves$ 52.0001/18/202495 dGoldszlager, Saba and Safta$ 52.0001/17/202496 dBernstein, Michelle$ 50.0001/17/202496 dGastrock, Sheila$ 52.1901/17/202496 dVelasquez, Daniel$ 52.0001/16/202497 dAnonymous$ 104.0012/20/2023124 dFlorez, Claudia$ 50.0012/16/2023128 dFlorez, Claudia$ 100.0012/16/2023128 dAnonymous$ 52.0012/14/2023131 dFlorez, Claudia$ 31.2012/12/2023132 d

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