Board Members & Committees

Foundation Committee

Serge Payer President
Sylvain Lalonde Vice-President – Treasurer
Sylvie Daigle Vice-President – Online Store
Paul Payer Director of Communications
Karine Dupuis Directrice des communications
Carl Nappert Director of Scholarships
Marie-France MacKinnon  Media Relations/Website
Gaston Payer Golf Director
Mario Tremblay Photographer
Éric Bédard Director

Golf Classic Committee

Céline Payer President
Sylvie Daigle Vice-President
Darquise Leduc Vice-President
Gaston Payer Director Of Foursomes
Carl Nappert Sponsors

Boat Cruise Committee

Mélanie Payer President
Danie Louisseize Sales And Marketing
Isabelle Payer Sales And Marketing



It is my hope to raise general awareness of Guillain-Barré Syndrome and help people who are afflicted with this debilitating illness. Ultimately, I’d like to do whatever I can to help fund research, new treatments and a cure for this disease.